Q: Hey Carlo, why are your granolas unique?

A: My granolas are unique because they don't contain oats.  They are, instead, made up of seeds and/or nuts.  This HUGE difference makes them higher quality and more nutrient dense. There's no: gluten, grains, peanuts, dairy, corn, soy, or preservatives. They are also lower in carbohydrates and sugar and higher in fiber and protein. They are made in small batches by hand, then slow roasted at lower temperatures. Slow roasting really brings out the flavors in the seeds, nuts, and spices.

Q: Is "Cinnamon Raisin" a new flavor granola?

A: Nope, it is the same recipe as the "Original". There was some confusion on what flavor granola "Original" was, so I changed the name to "Cinnamon Raisin" when the new packaging came out. 

Q: What's the shelf life of your granolas and can I freeze them?

A: All bags of granola are dated with a best buy date. By the time you receive your bag of delicious granola you should have 8-10 months to consume it. It does freeze well too.

Q: Where are your products produced?

A: In our dedicated gluten-free facility in the great state of Michigan, which may also process soy, tree nuts, and or peanuts.

Q: What company do you use for shipping?

A: I ship through the USPS in a Flat-Rate box which will be sent out within 7-10 days and will arrive 2-3 business days after that.

Shipping Rates:

1-2 bags: $4.99 each

3-5 bags: $11.99

6 bags: FREE Shipping!!

Q: What's Himalayan Pink Salt and why do you use it?  

A: It's the purest salt on the face of the Earth. It's found at the base of the Himalayan Mountains where it's been protected from modern-day pollution for approximately 250 million years. It contains 70% less sodium than table salt, contains 84 trace minerals, helps hydrate, helps intestines absorb nutrients, and helps promote mineral balance in the body.

Q: Why do you use coconut oil?

A: Here are a few reasons why I choose to spend the extra money on coconut oil instead of vegetable oils: its much more stable than those rancid inflammation causing vegetable oils which break down with heat, its high in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which gives you energy, and helps with weight control. Please take a look at the link below on study about coconut oil.   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19437058

Q: Are your spices irradiated?

A: No! I purchase all of my spices from a local supplier that grinds them fresh and never irradiates them.  

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: Yes, a few more things to clarify. The supply chain is still not where is was pre-COVID, so we are still experiencing delays in ingredients and packaging materials. These are all natural products and may contain shell fragments or pits. I do my best to screen these out, but I'm not perfect :-) 

Q: Do you accept Returns or Exchanges?

A: As we only sell food items, we do not accept any returns or exchanges for food safety reasons. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact Customer Service at info@carlosgrainfree.com.